Hi, My name is Jaideep and I’m a Senior Network Engineer at Spreetail, an e-commerce company based out of Lincoln, NE, USA. I have a Masters’s degree from the University of Houston – although, I went to an Engineering school, I fell in love with Physics much before that. I’m a nerd who can also have extremely good social interactions – in fact, I love people more than Science and Tech!

As I said, I have always loved physics (to an extent where I even got a tattoo of an Atom on my shoulder lol) but my journey into Network Engineering is a long story (maybe in another post). I have never imagined that I would enjoy anything other than Physics, but for some unknown reason, I have actually been loving being a Network Engineer – I think it’s partly because I’m into tech stuff in general and also because I’m into privacy and security!

To be honest, my previous job (at IP Pathways, a Managed Service Provider in the Midwest) taught me more than I have ever imagined. In little less than 3 years, I have learned, deployed, and configured almost all the major networking technologies – like routing, switching (access, core, and data center), firewalls (both traditional and NGFW like FTDs and Palo Altos), Loadbalancers, Wireless, Security (Cisco ISE, VMware NSX-T), etc.

I’m sure most of you will agree that we don’t need to know or remember everything to be a successful engineer – all we need is some passion and the mindset to solve the problems and deliver the solutions, all by quickly learning and adapting to the ever-changing technology world! In this process, oftentimes we will need to learn how to deploy something (that we have never worked on before) quickly with basic architecture and configuration and then dive deeper, later!

There are some great guides out there but I haven’t come across a website that is solely focused on this theme – and that is “How I met your mother” lol I’m just kidding, that is why I have started this website/blog!

I hope that my articles and experiences will help at least a few people! Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions for any new topics!

Happy configuring! Cheers!